At Ortho Rehab & Specialty Centers we specialize in the treatment of orthopedic and neurological dysfunctions. Your initial evaluation will be performed by some of the most highly trained physical therapists in the country, many with post-graduate training beyond standard physical therapy schooling. During the extensive evaluation, we will examine your movement patterns, bio-mechanics, and neurology to narrow the source of your symptoms to a specific tissue. Once the injured tissue is determined, a treatment will be directed toward correcting the pathology, not just managing the symptoms.

One of the qualities that sets Ortho Rehab & Specialty Centers apart from the competition is our training in manual therapy techniques. While some physical therapists receive weekend courses in manual therapy, our physical therapists have been through extensive 1 to 4 year manual therapy residency programs through the Ola Grimsby Institute (OGI). OGI residencies not only teach specific manual therapy techniques but also stress the basic sciences of neurophysiology, histology, pathophysiology, traumatology, and biomechanics. Physical therapists at Ortho Rehab & Specialty Centers understand the need for a mastery of the basic sciences since they are the foundation of the physical therapy profession.

Another unique quality that sets Ortho Rehab & Specialty Centers apart is the extensive education our orthopedic physical therapists have in Medical Exercise Training (MET). MET aids in maximizing outcomes by giving the optimal stimulus for repair to the tissue by altering exercise angles, starting positions, sets, repetitions, speed, and resistance. MET also allows the therapist to determine the desired functional quality of exercise (coordination, endurance, speed, volume, power, or strength) and then dose exercises accordingly. Each functional quality has different parameters, and improper dosage can lead to additional tissue damage.
One of the slogans in which we take pride is delivering the "Best Demonstrated Clinical Practice." This means we provide only treatments which have been scientifically proven to benefit the patient. Extensive studies have concluded that hands-on care (manual therapy) and specific exercise training (MET) are the most beneficial modality for the healing of injured tissue. The physical therapists at Ortho Rehab & Specialty Centers have post-graduate training in manual therapy and MET which aids in decreasing muscle guarding, decreasing pain, improving range of motion, and improving function. By utilizing "Best Demonstrated Clinical Practice" we are able to decrease treatment time, decrease treatment costs, and most importantly, improve patient outcomes.